Terms and conditions of use

All designs on my CDROMs are Copyright to Magik Graphics. The artists I have thanked

On my CDROMs hold the full copyright liscence to the individual artwork pieces I have used

To create my finished designs.

You may sell the finished cards and tangible projects you have made with my CDROMS.

You may display photographs of any finished project you have made on website galleries,

Blogs and craft forums.

You may not sell or offer for free or share in any format be it printed or digitally, my CDROM

Or designs.

You may not sell this or any other Magik Graphics/Jem’s Designs CDROM on any auction

Websites, Social networking websites, e,g Facebook sales pages/forums or groups.

You may not purchase this CDROM and ‘Back up’ contents onto any hard drive or storage

media and then sell this CDROM, as this will render your ‘back up’ copy as an illegal copy.

Please respect my copyrights and the copyrights of the artists I have used. If you are still unsure

Of the terms related to this CDROM, Please contact me for clarification.

Email: jemsdesigns@hotmail.co.uk

Website: www.magikgraphics.co.uk

Magik Graphics holds liscence to use and sell these images for commercial projects.

This is not a resource CDROM.